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Hallamtrads Ltd.


We are a ‘not-for-profit’ company involved in traditional music and song.

If you explore this site you will get some idea of what we are all about but briefly;

We provide support for performers of traditional music.

We carry out research and publish resources for musicians and dancers.

We create bespoke solutions for artists and organisers working in the Folk Arts

We promote traditional music and dance through our own performances.

We carry out design and development work for other performers/organisations.

We act as a consultancy and are involved in artist development.

We are a small self-financed not-for-profit company based in South Yorkshire, UK; promoting and supporting English Community Traditions.

Our expertise involves Traditional Song, Dance and Instrumental Music.

We perform traditional songs and are available for bookings at a variety of events

We also support our local traditional dancers  

Maltby Sword Dancers.

Welcome to the Hallamtrads website